Four Considerations for Selecting the Perfect Hosted Predictive Dialer

The fate of your contact center performance and revenue can be easily determined by the state of your hosted predictive dialer. And with a multitude of outbound dialers being introduced to market, investing in the perfect one for your business can become an increasingly difficult choice. This may be an intimidating fact, but don’t let it rattle you just yet. Consider these four must-haves for securing your perfect solution.

Does your hosted predictive dialer:

Enhance Agent Productivity?

Consider if your hosted solution comes equipped with multiple dialing modes (i.e. preview, predictive, progressive or power dialer). This will enable you to better organize, automate and manage both outbound and inbound calls for overall enhanced agent productivity.

Track Agent Performance?

Your company should be efficiently recording all sales calls and respectfully listening to how agents are selling your products and, ultimately, representing your brand. The perfect service should allow supervisors to analyze all critical aspects of agent performance to ensure that call objectives are being efficiently met, to create the most effective plan of action, and to help continuously improve agent sales skills.

Have Support for Open CTI?

Your hosted dialer solution should be making it simpler for you to deploy your customer relationship management (CRM) applications. While some dialers will require you to install a separate application on each user’s PC for communication with the CRM system, a fully cloud-based dialer will enable you to consolidate this to reduce system complexity, save money and to simplify maintenance.

Improve Service for VIP Callers?

Just as all hosted predictive dialers are different, not all callers are the same. Your hosted dialer should be able to differentiate high-priority and low-priority queries with ease, as well as be able to link call routing to your CRM data. By doing so, you can potentially improve your close rate by 32 percent.

Vocalcom hangs its hat on providing leading-edge, cloud-based CRM technology that covers all of the bases. Our hosted predictive dialer solution, which is trusted by over 550,000 users in 47 countries, is a solid reflection of this commitment of ours. 

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