Four Must-Have Features for Strengthening Web-Based Customer Service

The online realm is a great tool with which to offer customers and clients a singular destination for their questions. However, simple Web presence isn’t enough for customers or clients —they also want support when navigating the website.

In fact, a 2013 survey conducted by LivePerson Connecting with Customers showed that 83 percent of those surveyed had the need for online support. Not only is it needed, but without almost immediate help, nearly half abandon the site completely. 

Vocalcom realizes not only that this is a delicate line to walk, but also the high concern of  getting done what needs to be done quickly, as well as the importance of getting it resolved in a single interaction. It is with these concerns in mind that Vocalcom has shaped and modeled its call center software, offering these (among numerous other) services:

Managing chat preferences: To make it easy on customers, they can choose their preferred communication preference­—chat, audio chat, or video chat. These face-to-face interactions not only smooth transaction times, but improve sales.

Discussion: Real-time availability assures that the Web user does not have to twiddle thumbs and wait for service. This includes multi-lingual options for the convenience of the customer.

Web call back: When a website visitor submits a form, including a telephone number, that number is automatically populated in a list within the Vocalcom dialer for an immediate call back to the visitor and a live conversation with an agent.

Targeting: Web-based service means a client can choose where in the site visitors are funneled. From here it is possible to target customers who are ready to check out, or any visitor segmentation based on customized metrics.

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