Four Outbound Features Every Contact Center Needs to Have

Outbound contact center operations are undoubtedly trickier than inbound calling. Whereas customers voluntarily reach out to your company via inbound calling, your agents make the first point of interaction with the customer with an outbound approach. There are a number of critical elements that need to go into securing the success of your outbound call center campaign, including a mix of advanced call center features for enhancing agent productivity and guaranteeing customer excellence. Let’s take a look at a few of them below:

1.)    Answering Machine Screening: Enables you to reach more contacts with automated messaging options for answering machines. Agents can leave a custom voice message on customers’ answering machines automatically, as well as route inbound return phone calls to the same agents.

2.)    Time Zone and Do-Not-Call List: The first rule of outbound contact center operations is to respect your customer’s privacy. Auto-time zone adjustments allow for agents to prioritize calling time based on customer area codes, the number they are dialing (mobile, home, work) and, of course, based on 100 percent Do-Not-Call list protection.

3.)    List and Campaign Management: Load, filter and assign lists and campaigns in advance so that new programs or lists can begin dialing automatically. Best of all, a more advanced call center solution will enable agents to do this without any supervisor intervention.

4.)    Call-back and Appointment Setting: Allows employees to schedule agent-specific or general call-backs, as well as manage appointment settings. For example, an exclusive call engine will automatically choose the best time to call customers back for general call-backs to increase contact rates.

This is just a sampling. Click here to view more need-to-know outbound call center software features.

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