Four Trends to Prepare for with the Rise of Mobile Apps

Smartphones are one of the great inventions of the new millennium; however, despite their popularity, many functions are still in their infancy while new ones are being launched daily. Getting them wrong could cause customer satisfaction to fizzle instead of sizzle. Here are four precautions to take when offering mobile apps:


Be prepared to scale up. Unleashing the ability to interact anytime from anywhere could exponentially increase the number of people who reach out to your contact center. So don’t just plan for a slow, steady increase – plan for huge spikes. With a virtual call center, you will be able to scale up in a planned, expectant fashion.


Be prepared for an emergency. The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy serves to remind us that we need to maintain strong system redundancy. With a virtual call center, insurance companies, hospitals and other organizations can maintain 24/7 contact with their customers no matter what the weather, with the help of telecommuting employees who live and work in other states or counties.


Make sure you can see what they can see. When Sally wants to know where she can get that cool blue shirt in pink, having video calling capability through your mobile app will enable her to show you the shirt she’s holding in her hand. She can even take a photo of the ticket number and text it to you. Then you look like a hero by automatically shipping the shirt to the address you have on file.


Keep up to date on the latest and greatest tools. Is MySpace out and Facebook in? Are they still using Tumblr? Foursquare? Instagram? Pinterest? What’s this new thing called Snapchat, and can it add any value to my business? Keep up to date on all the newest social tools. If something crosses a tipping point and becomes fully integrated into your customers’ behavior, test it early.


Smartphones are the wave of the future, but the future is here. Ensure that you are providing every kind of mobile service possible. With a virtual call center, the sky’s the limit.


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