Four Ways In-Store Kiosks Amplify Customer Service Strategy

Imagine that one of your customers likes a certain pair of shoes but there are none left in her size. You could easily lose the sale, but not if you had an in-store kiosk. In fact, with a kiosk, you could enhance the sale and increase store revenue. Looking at today’s call center solutions and not sure where to star? An in-store kiosk can accelerate business, boost profits and amplify your overall customer service strategy in four ways:

1.)    Provides a Competitive Advantage

Some of today’s most reputable companies are leveraging the power of in-store kiosks (well-known brands such as Kohl’s and KODAK have already done so to enhance both sales and support). Having an in-store kiosk as part of your call center solution is that extra help on the sales floor you need to answer pertinent customer questions about inventory, price and availability of a product. Customers can even place an online order via the technology.

2.)    Enhances Upselling

In-store kiosks know just what customers want. The technology can develop cross-sell and upsell offers based on a customer’s recent search history, which brings you a bigger profit.

3.)    Strengthens the Holiday Shopping Experience

At peak times when your staff is at its busiest and when popular items are flying off the shelves (like during the quickly approaching holiday season), in-store kiosks are always available and websites are fully stocked. From FAQs to product specs and inventory availability, the kiosk is your right-hand assistant when you need extra help, and they never keep customers waiting.

4.)    Empowers Customers

Nowadays, shoppers are much more independent. They want to feel as though they can manage their shopping experience on their own. In-store kiosks allow them to do just that, enabling customers to make decisions about when, how and where they purchase an item and receive delivery. 

Vocalcom’s connected kiosks leverage multi-channel touchpoints to connect with today’s digital customer. Click here to learn more about the possibilities of adding an in-store kiosk.

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