Four Ways You Can ‘Wow’ Your Mobile Customer

Look at the many things your customers can do with their smartphone today – from playing their favorite music to buying an item online that they’re looking at in a storefront window to downloading one of 100,000 amazing apps, the power of smartphones is pretty amazing. If you’re running a telemarketing firm, need to be pretty amazing too, or they’ll quickly move on to your competitor.


Here are four ways that you can combine new age mobile service strategies with your telemarketing software to wow the mobile customer:

  1. Customers interact via their mobile phone when they’re closest to making a decision. Make sure they can get to a live agent quickly (for instance, if they get bogged down in a long-winded IVR, they’ll gladly hang up).
  2. Friends and family are more involved in the decision-making process today than ever before. Tailor offers to fit each customer, and then allow them to share their near-purchases with their social circle before they close the deal.
  3. While their friends and family are putting in their two cents, offer a two-for-one deal.  Include an online chat/video button in case they have any questions.
  4. Send personalized alerts via your telemarketing software when you predict customers are running low on regular items or when the perfect new product has just become available. Sign the alerts with the name and contact info of their personal agent. Even better, include a chat/video button.


Finally, to stay on top of the most cutting-edge ideas, hold quarterly meetings with your call center agents. Have them bring their personal cell phones and show them all of the ways in which they can use them for innovative service and internal communications with staff and upper management. Solicit ideas for how you can continue to push the sales and service envelope through mobile using your telemarketing software. Foster conversations where there is no such thing as a bad idea, and incentivize your agents for their participation. 

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