Four Ways Your Call Center Software Should Support Web Service

Research continues to show that customers demand interactive, robust service through your website. For example, did you know that one in five shoppers prefer online chat over any other form of communication? It’s time to elevate call center managers’ awareness of the vast potential of servicing customers via your website. The first step you need to take is investing in call center software that supports exceptional Web customer service. Let’s take a look at four things your software should be supporting Web service:

Live Chat on Demand

Enables your agents to co-browse your site by sitting in and traveling with your customers as they navigate through your website. This capability provides fresh feedback and customer insight without having to ask for it, all in real-time.


Give your customers the ultimate calling experience by turning every Web page into a phone to accelerate sales.

Web Call back

When a website visitor submits a form – including a telephone number – the software’s application programming interfaces (APIs) will automatically populate the number in a list within the company’s dialer. This makes for an immediate call back to the visitor and a better way to ignite a live conversation with an agent. Not only does this improve productivity, but it helps augment sales by translating website visits directly to live conversations.

Live Video Chat

Offer your customers face-to-face service on your website and help personally guide them through their buying experience. Not only does this help promote a more personal agent-to-customer relationship, but face-to-face selling decreases average handle time and is proven to significantly improve sales. In fact, 40 percent of people are more receptive to visuals. Needless to say, they will be more attentive and satisfied with video service.Amplify your Web service now by clicking here.

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