Getting More Out of Customer Service

If you still consider your customer service center a cost center, it’s time to think again. Research shows that customers will spend more with a company that gives exceptional service—as much as 13 percent more. So, when you’re creating your next customer service strategic plan, factor in some revenue growth. Here are a few suggestions that may help jumpstart the process.

  1. Add premium services such as a ‘personal concierge’ for top-tier customers. Bypass the IVR and have your best customers’ calls go directly to dedicated agents.
  2. Be proactive. Call center software can alert agents when their top-tier customers need a nudge, such as when they’re in or near a store, completing a purchase, abandoning a shopping cart or have been inactive for a certain number of days/months. From “thank you” to “discounts” to “how can I help you?” good communication means that the next successful cross-sell/up-sell opportunity is right around the corner.
  3. Solicit and learn from customer feedback. Your call center software solution can (gently) push out a survey at the end of every call and aggregated the data into reports. Writing business rules around specific results can direct agents on how to move forward on the insight gleaned and, when done correctly, your customers likely won’t mind completing it.
  4. Organize staff based on personality and experience. Know who can turn a “no” into a “yes,” who does a good job of coaching the new agents, who’s a night owl and who’s a morning person. Organize your staff schedule in a way that maximizes their strengths – and your bottom line.

Your call center software can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. From routing calls based on targeted criteria to giving customers a choice of channels to consolidating customer history into one single screen no matter how many channels are used – your call center can be responsive, proactive and revenue-producing, and it can start today.Click here to learn how you can get more out of your customer service center.

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