Getting Your Call Center Ready for the Holidays

Research shows that a great customer service experience can make or break a sale over the holidays. In fact, 50 percent of U.S. customers say that customer service gets worse during the holidays, while 73 percent are willing to pay more for a better experience, according to aggregated data from a recent CMS Wire infographic. Needless to say, the incentive is strong for improving your service capabilities before the season’s heavy lifting starts.Just as you get your home ready for the holidays, you should also get your call center ready for the increased activity and for the unique needs that the holidays bring with them.The fourth quarter is a good time to:

  • Merge/purge your database
  • Train your agents on new products, new legislation and new customer trends
  • Conduct a permission campaign
  • Start an employee contest
  • Realign your IVR to better match customers’ most common requests
  • Install hardware/software that will help improve your service offering

One example of a software solution that could help you handle increased call loads is a hosted call center. A hosted solution gives you the opportunity to scale up for the holiday season without increasing your operational costs. You can also have a mix of agents that work on-premise and off-site; you can scale up for busy buying days; and interact with customers through the channel of their choice, including mobile and social.With a hosted call center, no matter how many channels you and your customers interact through, your agents can see the entire caller history on one screen, meaning they will never have to toggle back and forth between programs.Your customers have put together their wish list for the holidays, and at the top is a request for quality customer service. With a hosted call center, you will be able to give them everything they want and need this holiday season.To find out more about Vocalcom’s world-renowned hosted call center solution, click here.

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