Going Green? Why a Cloud Contact Center is Your Best Bet

Big businesses everywhere are going green, from Bank of America to General Electric to Starbucks to Walmart. Taking the environment into consideration is not only a practical business decision to make, but it proves to be more cost-conscious in the long run. Traditional data centers can waste up to 90 percent of the electricity they pull off the grid. As a response to the growing need for better electrical consumption, the cloud is becoming a major game-changer.

Research shows that by 2020, large U.S. companies that use cloud computing can achieve annual energy savings of $12.3 billion and annual carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil. Still not convinced of the cloud’s environmental effect? A study commissioned last year shows that a company boasting 100 percent cloud applications can reduce energy consumption and emissions by more than 90 percent. Just imagine the benefits of a complete cloud contact center with cloud-based applications.

When it comes to ramping up one’s green initiative for the contact center, the cloud is a no-brainer. A study by Mimecast revealed that seven out of 10 companies used cloud services and were willing to move new applications to the cloud…and that was back in 2010. This number has undoubtedly risen since then and is poised to only continue growing, with a forecasted market growth of $160 billion by 2013, according to Merrill Lynch.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to bolster brand awareness, improve customer service and save more money than ever before, a cloud contact center solution is the obvious choice.

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