Handling the Evolving Customer Service Lifecycle

As we all know, there are multiple stages of delivering customer service and satisfaction. For anyone in the call center industry utilizing a virtual solution, it’s imperative for employees to understand the unique phases associated with the customer service lifestyle to provide the best service possible. These stages include:

·         Awareness: When a customer becomes aware of a need or a product

·         Acquisition/Purchase Trail: The customer uses the product for the first time

·         Post Purchase Experience: The customer evaluates the use of the product and gauges their satisfaction of it

·         Retention: The customer decides to either keep or discontinue use of the product

Customers are constantly in a state of deciding whether or not they want to invest in a product. Needless to say, it’s important for virtual call center communication to always be at its peak to ensure that the customer service experience is as easy as humanly possible. This, of course, paves the way for an accelerated sales cycle.  

Not sure where to start? Consider the following points:

·         Over 70 percent of customers generally have a more positive view of a company when a customer service app is available.

·         80 percent of customers who have had a negative service experience tend to share their pain with others.

·         62 percent of customers use social media to try and receive the assistance they need.

Delivering reliable and easy-to-use customer service applications as well as maintaining a strong social media presence are two key pieces required to putting the customer experience puzzle together. Consider if your existing virtual call center solution is leveraging these integral elements to make each customer interaction a valuable and profitable one.

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