Part 2 – Have You Fallen for These Top Telemarketing Myths?

As a telemarketing agent, multiple thoughts cross your mind every time you pick up the phone. “Will the caller hang up before I even get one word out?” or “How many calls do I have to go through today until I hit my goal?” may swoop in and distract you from your objective at hand – establishing a relationship with whoever answers the phone next. In part one of this series, we settled one myth regarding customer behaviors and expectations. Let’s now move on to a more technological falsehood.

Myth: We’ll Never Get Through to Live Customers

First there was the answering machine, and now with the growing ubiquity of mobile devices, it seems like telemarketers may have no way of actually connecting to live customers anymore. As opposed to 10 years ago, your prospects today are on-the-go, working more hours, working from their mobile devices and are practically never using a landline phone.

But don’t get completely discouraged just yet. What many forget to realize is that the average age of the mobile user is drastically dropping lower. For instance, the average age for a person to receive their first cell phone is now 13, according to research from Qualcomm. Conversely, the target market of telemarketing campaigns is notably older (50-plus), usually who still rely on more traditional forms of communication.

If you’re still worried about expanding your organization’s reach, make sure you invest in telemarketing software with predictive dialing technology that can automatically route you to customers’ mobile phones if their landlines don’t pick up.

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