Healthcare Industry Poised for Future Contact Center Expansion

Contact centers are crucial in various business industries. Among the top is the healthcare industry – a sector that is bracing itself for serious contact center growth in the near future. In a space where clear and efficient communication is heavily relied upon, healthcare organizations are beginning to look beyond traditional communication strategies and instead turn to revolutionary, up-to-date contact center technology to ensure success.

UnitedHealthcare of the Carolinas, a diversified health and well-being company, is ramping up its contact center presence with plans to hire hundreds of additional employees – so much so that it needs to expand to a separate location to accommodate all of its new hires. Back in February, the company revealed that it was ready to hire 573 employees for its call center and customer service positions. Due to the number of employees the company was ready to receive, UnitedHealthcare had to look to a second, separate location in the Raleigh area since the Triad area was stocked to the brim.

David Pettitt, director of member services for UnitedHealthcare, explained that they were out of space for the employees they planned to hire, adding that “the Raleigh location was the best choice.”

Since then, UnitedHealthcare has added 267 new workers in Greensboro and plans to add up to 90 more workers by the end of the year. For the Raleigh call center, the company plans to hire about 85 customer service and claims processing representatives by October. “To be honest with you, we’ll continue to grow,” said Pettitt. “UnitedHealthcare continues to forge ahead in our economy and continues working with healthcare reform pieces.”

In the health care industry, it is important to keep up with your patients, handle emergency calls and address any and all other concerns. Transformative, innovative call center solutions are becoming an industry standard for healthcare as companies continue to seek out more productive and overall successful business strategies. 

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