Heists, Downtime and Data Loss, Oh My!

There’s a villain on the loose wreaking havoc on data centers everywhere. Though it may not be swatting helicopters out of the sky and leaving colossal footprints in its wake, downtime can pose a serious threat to a company’s profitability that’s just as damaging. In fact, a recent infographic released by the Aberdeen Group demonstrates that a glitch in the system could equal losses bigger than you could likely imagine.

According to the illustration, for every hour that data centers are out of commission, companies lose an average of $138,000. Depending on the size of the company, this means that losses range from $6,900 to a whopping $1.1 million per year. For businesses relying on guaranteed service, this is a setback they simply can’t afford.

For top business performers experiencing an average of .3 interruptions lasting .1 hours per year, the infographic evidenced a hefty cost of $30,480. This is minimal compared to the $418,701 and $3.9 million findings for middle-of-the-road and bottom performers, respectively.

All hope is not lost, however. Businesses can significantly reduce the impact of data center downtime by installing a cloud call center software solution. Cloud infrastructure reduces downtime outages by an average of 1.6 hours and costs by over $800,000. The unique call center software provides businesses with a centralizing and reliable means of storing by accessing key operational data within the cloud.

Don’t be the next victim of data center downtime. Adopt a cloud call center software solution and rest assured with a disaster recovery (DR) plan that will guarantee improved profits and overall sustainability.

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