Hosted Predictive Dialer: Revolutionizing a Revolution

The telephone created a revolution when it burst onto the scene in the 1870s, and nowadays, a second revolution seems to be upon us with the rise of hosted predictive dialers. You may be wondering how this technology is changing the communications game, and, more importantly, how your business can take part. Allow us to help enlighten you.1)      ResponsivenessWith Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, people could exchange information at a speed that had previously been unattainable; the immediacy of communication, without the need for travel or postage, was an unprecedented luxury. The hosted predictive dialer could reinstate those feelings of novelty in communication by making instant connections to whole lists of numbers by avoiding busy signals, wrong numbers or answering machines. The phone introduced speedy response times – the hosted predictive dialer is now taking the stage.2)      ConvenienceThe telephone was the first method of communication that allowed for the interaction of multiple people over any distance within a single system. The hosted predictive dialer eliminates the extra steps that were discovered in the initial connection process. You save time and productivity by being able to find and avoid contacts that won’t produce a response.3)      PrivacyWhen the telephone was first implemented, people worried that their conversations were being overheard; switchboards, public phone locations and multiple-family lines all contributed to the concern. Today, safety remains a major consideration in communication; however, moving to the cloud with a hosted predictive dialer shouldn’t feel like a surrender of control. Rather, the shift allows for enhanced scalability, flexibility and security without the added burdens of physical locations and equipment.The hosted predictive dialer is leading the charge in today’s telephone revolution. It’s time for your business to start taking advantage of these developments – click here to get started.

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