Hot Call Center Topics: Computer-Generated Scripting

With each passing year, we learn more about the inherent potential in computing technology. Moore’s Law tells us that computing power doubles every two years. Just take a look at how fast your smartphone is in 2013 compared to just a few years ago, if you have any doubt that this trend will continue. While we aren’t at the level of The Jetsons quite yet, it’s worth thinking about how such advances in technology could be applied to the call center applications that we use every day. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons that could come along with the use of computer-generated scripting.

The Plus-side of Computer-generated Scripting

Every call center manager is on the hunt for ways that their teams can work more efficiently, as well as make sure that every worker is being correctly utilized. One of the biggest reasons why live agent and telephone service is still very popular is that automated services tend not to ask the right questions or give the right answers. But with the potential of computer-generated scripting, all of that could change. With the latter, a human agent would be able to toggle between numerous calls, choosing a pre-approved script that a life-like, computerized voice would convey. More customers would get more help, with the end result or goal being less frustration.

The Downside to Computer-generated Scripting

It’s difficult to anticipate the ways in which customers could be put off by a life-like, computerized voice. It would be important to test out different ideas before implementing them. Sometimes, such an initiative can be enacted and, only when it’s too late, does the call center realize how many customers have felt alienated by the experience. The true downside to computer-generated scripting in the call center is rushing to implement the technology too fast without prior testing and trials.

It’s a lot to think about, and as we move forward in the world of computerized technology, it’s exciting to think how such advances will positively impact call center applications in the future.

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