How Are You Connecting with Your Traveling Customers?

People like to travel; however, that doesn’t eliminate their need for high-quality customer service. Not only do an average 76 percent of online travelers plan their leisure trips online as opposed to a more traditional method, but 80 percent of online U.S. travelers are active on at least one social network, with 73 percent logging onto their favorite social channels every day. If a customer or client needs a quick answer mid-travel, who’s to say that he or she won’t turn to social media to connect with a customer service department?

Sure, this heavy social engagement among travelers signals a huge revenue opportunity for travel companies, but it can also accelerate companies’ customer engagement strategies. Think about it. Your traveling customers already have so much on their plates; they are likely in most need of fast and efficient service. The last thing they want is to endure a slow or frustrating service experience while trying to navigate through airports, check into hotels and map out daily schedules.

The area of servicing traveling customers via social media remains largely unexplored, and yet the research shows that there is an opportunity for businesses to do so:

·         Among the 65 percent of U.S. travelers who “like” or “follow” a company, 18 percent do so in relation to travel

·         53 percent of U.S. travelers use social networks specifically to look for deals, while 22 percent do so in relation to travel

·         More than half of U.S. travelers who have Internet access via their mobile phones update their social networks with trip-related posts

Do your call center applications, solutions and software engage with customers who are praising – or complaining – about your service while they’re on the road? Whether you’re a travel company or not, if customers are tweeting at your corporate account, take advantage of it. Respond, engage and address any problems. Provide easy-to-use mobile apps for your customers while they’re on-the-go and without access to a laptop. Think outside of the box.

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