How Are You Following Up and Acting on Customer Feedback?

With the exponential growth of Web-based interaction and the proliferation of the Internet, fostering customer collaboration should now be easier than ever. In this same vein, gathering feedback and complaints from customers interacting with your center software becomes that much easier; however, knowing this information isn’t enough. The most important aspect to customer relations is the responsibility of company action.

Even the most empathetic agent and most eloquently assembled customer survey amounts to nothing if nothing is done to act upon customer complaints and customer criticism.

By following up with customers and the act of surveying them for points of discontent, a company is entering into an implied contract. Without action, a company is telling the customer that it doesn’t care.

Take customer feedback for what it is—the customer trying to help the company that they have entered into a relationship with. By helping an enterprise with their feedback, the customer is letting it know that they are invested in the success of the company. Use this to your advantage and foster this dialog into an ongoing conversation.

Remember, on occasion, there can be unsolvable problems – it’s okay to admit this. In this instance, it is especially important to let the customer know that this could be the case. And, most importantly, use this opportunity to explain to the customer why.  

Remember that feedback is actionable, and only the most effective and strategic of companies can turn a negative situation into a positive customer experience.

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