How Can I Convert Social Media Followers into Customers?

Everyone wants to be popular. It can make a contact center social media manager blush to see how their fantastic Facebook posts and tweets are garnering the attention of customers and admirers throughout the social media stratosphere.

But, instead of refreshing your e-mail every five minutes to see if your account has been Twitter verified, it’s important not to lose sight of the reasons for using social media in the first place: keeping customers happy, and whenever possible, turning followers into new customers.

Social media strategist Amy Porterfield notes that while there aren’t any “surefire tricks” to gaining new customers, some tactics have been seen to work better than others

Facebook Ads Often Help

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to grown your company’s fan base, gain sales leads and pump up engagement, Facebook ads may be your best bet. Especially from a contact center perspective, this can be a great move. Someone may be shopping for your products, but unaware of your presence on social media. A well-placed Facebook ad could be just the ticket to getting a Facebook user to ‘Like’ you enough to become a customer.

Everyone Loves a Contest

While running such seemingly disparate accounts as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest can leave you feeling a bit disjointed, social media-wise, a contest is a great way to get potential customers to ‘Like’ you across various platforms. For example, it drives consumers to your online store and makes them aware of the far-reaching multi-channel options of your contact center solutions – and by extension, your company – have to offer.

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