How Does Your Brand Connect to Customers?

In the age of Google, it takes just the click of a mouse to discover the best price for every product and the best and worst reviews of everything you could imagine to purchase. For businesses and brands in the call center space and beyond, the only way to be differentiated is to offer the best possible products and the best overall customer service. If everyone is going to be talking about you on Facebook, Twitter and every review website and message board, you want to ensure that you’re creating an environment that naturally results in the most positive of responses.

Beyond receiving the product or service purchased in a timely manner and for the lowest price possible, there are a number of things that a company can be do in order to set themselves apart. As a call center manager, ask yourself the following questions:

Does your brand have an emotional connection with its customers?

In today’s hyper–connected world, it’s easy for companies to fall out of touch with clients. By offering methods of communication through Twitter, Facebook and other modern tactics, more tech-minded customers will feel as though you are keeping up with the services that they use every day. And, by enabling more traditional methods of communication, such as phone and e-mail, you assure your more traditional customers that they are being supported, as well.

Is your brand strong on being trusted, but weak on being essential?

Every call center manager does the best they can to be as trusted of a source as possible, but it’s also important to remind customers of the essential tasks that are being done for them. If you’re the company giving them what they want, they may find themselves being courted by another company who seems to give them what they need. It’s vital that your brand – and the contact center software that empowers it – accomplish both of these things.

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