How Facebook is Just Like Telemarketing

What comes to mind when you think of Facebook? For many, the image of young adolescents infinitely scrolling, posting and commenting pops into their head – and stays there. This has deterred one too many telemarketing firms looking to solicit prospects and lock in sales…but not anymore.

In actuality, this stereotype of the average Facebook user couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the social networking platform seems to be very similar to the process of telemarketing for a few good reasons:

Each Solicits Customers

This is obviously the most basic reason, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Initially a consumer tool to network, connect and reengage with long lost friends, Facebook has exploded into a well-oiled machine for soliciting prospects and getting them to open up their wallets. Consider the fact that a company’s Facebook fans are 79 percent more likely to purchase from them.

Each Shares a Similar Target Market

Did you know that almost 60 percent of all people targeted by telemarketers are 50 or older? Similarly, the average Facebook user was over 35 years-old back in 2010, which has now climbed to 41 years-old as of 2012. If this keeps climbing, the average Facebook user will be parallel to the average telemarketing prospect.

Each Tries to Quickly Reach as Many Customers as Possible

The traditional or hosted predictive dialer for the telemarketing firm is like the fan page for a company’s Facebook account. Each is a strategic technological tool that calculates how many customers they are reaching and receiving, which then leads to sales. In fact, Facebook brand posts get half of their reach within only 30 minutes of being posted, according to research from Socialbakers.

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