How Four Different Industries Are Surpassing at Social Media Service

For four companies – a retailer, a major airline, a media provider and a food delivery company – social media was the great equalizer when it came time to provide excellent service.

An article in Social Media Examiner explains how these organizations used Twitter to stay connected with their customers and strengthen their relationships. Here, we offer suggestions on how businesses can take these ideas to the next level.

1.) JetBlue responded quickly and compassionately to provide information to a customer whose plane was delayed. Suggestion: In a multi-channel environment, a service agent who’s monitoring Twitter could reach out to the on-the-ground staff and have them offer the customer first class boarding and a seat upgrade if available (not to mention pushing a free on-board drink coupon to his smartphone).

2.) Despite the fact that Nike is a massive global enterprise with multiple Twitter handles, the athletic apparel firm responds to tweets for help every few minutes, seven days a week. Suggestion: For smaller companies that want to be as responsive as Nike, a cloud contact center can provide round-the-clock service and the flexibility of agents on call 24/7.

3.) Online food delivery service Seamless knows that trouble placing a food-to-go order can send a customer elsewhere, so agents constantly monitoring Twitter quickly respond to comments. Suggestion: With a cloud contact center, Seamless can scale up with additional agents on a weekend when business increases and can scale down on slower days. Not to mention that geography’s never an issue; agents can be seated anywhere to handle this company’s four-time-zone business.

4.) When dealing with a tech problem, customers want more than compassion – they want answers. Because of this, Comcast’s tech support staff is quick to help when a customer tweets about a problem. Suggestion: Cloud contact center technology can analyze customer tweets and route them to the most experienced agent for each situation’s resolution.

Social media is a pervasive component of today’s high-tech service and support. Integrate your Twitter feed and other social media into your call center routing system and someone may soon be using your service success story as an example for others to follow.

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