How Hosted Technology Can Help You Create an Informal Call Center

Mary works in accounting at the Irvine, California-based Smith Company. She’s not a call center agent, but when customers have questions about their account, calls get routed to her. Meanwhile, Clark works on the floor of the company’s largest retail store. Along with the other 20 store employees, he wears a headset and answers questions related to merchandise. The company’s finance department—all five of them—work directly from home and receive calls between the hours of 9 and 5 Monday through Friday. At the same time, helpdesk staff have the ability to take hands-free calls through their headset from anywhere in the building. Someone could, for instance, be conducting an install at Mary’s desk while taking a call from Clark about a software problem in the store.

Having an ‘informal’ call center like Smith Company’s model enables users to route calls to those who are aptly suited to answer them, linking the right agent to the right customer at exactly the right time.

This model, which was popular back in the mid-’90s (remember CompUSA?), is making a comeback thanks to hosted call center solutions.

Of course, The Smith Company is hypothetical. We provided this example to show you what a hosted call center solution can do for you. Whether your agents work in a centralized physical location, telecommute—like those at airline Jet Blue—or you have a mixed model of specialists located nationwide or internationally like our “Smith Company,” a hosted call center offers a variety of competitive benefits, including:

  • Streaming multi-channel data into a single screen
  • Handling inbound and outbound contacts simultaneously
  • Targeting specific calls to specific agents
  • Showing all call data and agent records in one cohesive report
  • Eliminating costly overhead and equipment upgrades

The informal call center – fueled by a hosted solution – does away with the need for expensive hardware and the cost of installation and maintenance. With a hosted solution, your agents can be all together, all around the world or both. The choice is yours.

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