How Stressed Are Your Call Center Agents?

Transparency is a quality more and more called for by customers, but it can have a positive impact on employees, as well. Monitoring and countering the stress levels of employees can be made simple by the sole act of an enterprise being actively transparent.

Stressful workplaces are nothing new, but it is a problem that time-and-time-again presents itself. The American Psychological Association reports that the annual cost to employers in addressing stress-related employee issues is $300 billion. Monitoring stress levels and being constantly aware of the mental state of employees is not a nicety that a company should provide – it should be essential in preserving and increasing productivity as well as retaining valuable employees. This has never been an easy task, especially when concerning virtual call center workers.

When it comes to your virtual call center workforce, transparency is key. Consider these four areas of improvement for strengthening the quality of life for in-house, part-time, and virtual call center workers alike.

·         Take the time to properly train and welcome employees

Being thrown into a situation without proper engagement is stressful in any situation, let alone a job. Head off as many potential problems as possible by preparing employees for what lies ahead, introducing them to both the company as a whole as well as their position in the company

·         Create and encourage open lines of communication

From the beginning, create a sense of familiarity with employees. Check in occasionally and make yourself known as a truly reliable resource. By creating and fostering an open discussion and relationship with agents, the weight of perceived isolation will be lifted.

·         Create clear tasks and expectations

Make expectations known and show agents the metrics that they are being evaluated with. If employees can ‘judge’ themselves as their supervisor does, the stress of being in the dark is negated.

·         Create a sense of community when possible

Introducing the bigger picture to your workforce promotes a collective morale and, ultimately, an open environment that keeps your employees comfortable and confident moving forward.

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