How the Banking Industry Can Leverage a Unified Digital Call Center

Banks have always been a top performer in the call center industry. The need for optimally performing contact centers in this industry is extremely high – especially for an organization that consistently handles extremely sensitive and private customer information.For banking or financial institutions, the call center is normally considered a great way to slash costs and improve customer satisfaction; however, this technology can far surpass the traditional expectations of many on what it can do for business. This is where a unified digital call center comes into the picture.For example, we’ve all been a victim of bad phone quality. Whether it’s fading in and out or you’re experiencing fuzzy hearing quality, when you’re relaying card account numbers or numeric identifiers like your social security number, it is never an optimum customer experience. Imagine instead being able to hold up your credit card to the screen of your computer, tablet or mobile device to display your account number to the call center agent – complete with your first and last name – without having to utter one word?That’s the kind of power unified communications (UC) brings to the table. Even better, a hosted unified contact center completely removes the complexities of in-house equipment to bring even more efficiency to the table.One of the biggest reasons why a banking or financial call center can benefit from a unified digital call center is because it is one of the most utilized. Relied upon by millions of individuals on a daily basis, banks and financial call centers will have no choice but to begin turning to innovative new customer engagement strategies. The unified digital call center is the first step to doing so.To learn more about virtual, digital Web-based and hosted call center solutions, click here.

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