How the Car Dealership Can Leverage a Unified Digital Call Center

The art of selling cars is considered one of the most competitive. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, social media and more, that art has expanded to reveal ample areas of untapped opportunity for acting on leads, engaging customers and locking in sales.This is where a unified digital call center plays a leading role.Let’s say a potential customer is exploring your company’s site and is looking to calculate the average monthly fee for the car of his or her dreams. Thankfully, your well-crafted website boasts a payment estimator tool to do just that. The customer excitedly takes one step closer to making the dream of owning that car a reality. With the help of the payment estimator, the customer chooses the model, trim, term, down payment and more and even gets to customize the car to his or her liking.There’s just one huge problem: the monthly payments are way out of budget.With one lengthy, deep sigh, the customer clicks out of the page thinking it was too good to be true – and before you know it, profit slipped right between your fingers.What’s the key to gripping that profit? A unified, Web-based contact center.Now imagine that frustrated customer seeing a request for a live Web chat with one of your contact center agents. There’s no picking up the phone or navigating through complex or unneeded menus to ask a simple question – you can chat with the agent right then and there and get your answers in real-time. No hassle.Perhaps your customer wants to know if there’s an extra fee for non-metallic coloring or how much more it would cost to add on splash guards. Or, maybe the customer wants to know if there are alternative pricing methods available to help meet that monthly budget. With a few presses of a keyboard, the answer is immediately revealed.A Web-based contact center that leverages the power of unified communications (UC) makes a greater overall impression on your customers – not to mention gets them in that dream convertible of theirs.To learn more, click here.

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