How the Cloud Can Change Your Summer

As another summer season begins to draw to a close, everyone seems to be praying for warm sunny days to make the most of the remaining weeks. But if you’re part of a call center that’s committed to customer service, it may be in your best interest to keep the weather a little cloudier – by implementing cloud-based software in your workplace. Here are three reasons to take to the cloud for a little summer relief.

1.    Low cost of ownership

Compared to on-premise call centers, cloud-based software can save you big this summer. Cloud services are paid for monthly based on how much data is used; in fact, ConnectFirst found that cloud-based platforms can decrease call center costs by 20 percent or more from on-premise centers. By investing in a cloud-based call center, you can save some money for when the ice cream truck makes its final rounds.

2.    Flexibility

Cloud-based software makes it easy to scale and deploy resources wherever your agents are located. No matter the geography, call centers in the cloud allow other agents to step in so all the work gets done. In that case, don’t worry if your coworker splurges on that last-minute tropical cruise – you’ll have her covered.

3.    Efficiency

Cloud-based hosted predictive dialers recognize answering machines, busy signals and people who don’t pick up, so you can move on to the next available taker. You’ll be able to get done all the necessary work, provide top-notch service and still have time to catch some rays.

Maybe the rest of the summer won’t be all sunny skies – but with cloud-based services in your call center, that could definitely be a good thing. Vocalcom’s hosted predictive dialer software is just the tool you need to get started with the cloud today. To learn more, click here.

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