How the Logistics Industry Can Leverage a Unified Digital Call Center

Whether it’s moving 1,000 cartons of oranges from Florida to California or moving antique furniture across the Pacific Ocean, logistics companies are under a lot of pressure to deliver products on time, not to mention responsible for anything that may go wrong during the delivery process – which is why communication is key.Nothing is worse than eagerly waiting for a package that never ends up reaching your front door. Not only are you crushed with disappointment, but so is your wallet. With customers eagerly and sometimes impatiently waiting for deliveries, logistics companies need to be in constant contact with their customers in terms of the location, time and status of their goods. The excuse “we don’t know where your package is” doesn’t fly anymore with customers.With advances in call center solutions – like unified, digital communications – these companies can deliver superb customer service coupled with continuous communication.For example, with a unified digital call center, businesses can engage with their customers through live chat. Let’s say a customer can’t locate his or her package or its tracking number doesn’t match, through live chat the customer can quickly contact a representative that can check on the status of the package and determine its whereabouts. In addition, if your company has a mobile app, customers can have continuous access to tracking and shipping information.Picture never having to drown again in angry customer calls about inquires. Now, they themselves can answer this through live chat or a mobile app. Ready to start your own journey? Click here to learn more about anything from transformative digital customer service to advanced cloud call center solutions.

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