How the Retail Industry Can Leverage a Unified Digital Call Center

The retail industry encompasses quite a lot of segments – all of which can benefit from the unified digital call center. The retail industry is also notably the most competitive; with thousands of contenders seeking a niche within this expansive market, it’s vital that businesses leverage the power of advanced call center solutions to boost profit and preserve business continuity.

For example, the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday season –also encompasses the busiest time of the retail year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

One in three American adults shop on Black Friday and sales continue to break records each year. In 2012, total spending over the four-day Black Friday weekend peaked at a record-breaking $59.1 billion – a 13 percent increase from $52.4 billion in 2011.

The idea of stores packed back-to-back isn’t the most calming mental image for some consumers, which prompts them to either stay in or venture out later that day or week to try and get some great sales. This is only one of many areas of opportunity for retailers to engage customers by leveraging unified communications applications, including live Web chat, video and social media.

Imagine your customer being able to sit in the comfort of his or her own home, perusing your company’s website and purchasing everything needed to complete holiday shopping for the year – but without ever having to compromise on real-time assistance.

Instead of having to push through a crowded store full of anxious buyers and hectic, unavailable salespeople, your customer can initiate conversations with your call center agents through Web chat or even video, where your agent can speak face-to-face about product specifics, availability, special sales and more. All of a sudden, buying one sweater in five different colors and sizes has become unexplainably easy to do thanks to the undivided attention of your company’s call center agent, who remains with your buyer from the first “hello” to hang up.

Or you can implement in-store kiosks for customers to use to contact your agents when in-store personnel are not accessible. This way, all of the bases are covered and all of your customers and enjoy immediate gratification.

How are you differentiating your retail company?

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