How to Do Business Applications the Right Way

When it comes to conducting business, it’s important not to rely on only one practice in order to achieve success. With mobile use constantly on the rise, it’s important for companies to consider developing apps to stay competitive and provide customers the services they need. It’s important to remember that creating an app is only one part of the necessary process if a company wants to successfully use it as part of its call center applications suite.

Using an app can be a true revenue booster when properly incorporated. When it comes to generating revenue to recover the development costs of creating the app, almost 59 percent of app publishers don’t succeed; however, when utilized properly, it’s estimated that an app can bring anywhere between $4,000 to $8,000 more to your company’s pocket.

So, how are companies able to leverage an app to their success?

Even though almost 50 percent of companies have not set aside funds for marketing their apps, over 90 percent believe that marketing is essential for an app’s success. Clearly, marketing is essential if a business desires its app to be successful.

Some of the most successful apps that have generated funds are associated with companies that spend about 14 percent of their time investing in marketing.

Businesses that have been labeled as “top earners” statistically set about $30,000 aside as part of their marketing budget.

If a company is interested in developing an app to utilize as part of its call center application suite, then it is undoubtedly imperative to set aside marketing funds so that the app will not just be successful, but profitable.

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