How to Face Every Telemarketer’s Worst Nightmare

As a customer, we’ve all been there. We hear the phone ring and may not recognize the number, but we most likely know who it is. Telemarketers can get the bad reputation of being invasive, impersonal and too pushy all for the sake of achieving sales. So if you’re a telemarketer or a business owner, how do you ensure that you dispel the myths associated with telemarketing? By investing in robust telemarketing software, designed to tell you optimal times to call consumers, call scripts and call recording to improve your processes.

Telemarketing software is critical for your business, especially with consumers constantly attempting to leave your agents hanging. Here’s a look at some of the horrors your agents might face:

1.)    The classic hang up. Your agent won’t hear anything but the click of a phone placed back on its hook; these potential consumers won’t even give your agents a chance.

2.)    The cut off. Your agents get in just a few words and are prepared to launch into your main pitch and…click. They’re gone.

3.)    The tease. It’s been two minutes and you realize that the person on the other end of the line hasn’t spoken a word. Your agent has unfortunately been abandoned.

4.)    The false hope. The customer asks who is calling, allowing your agent to give his or her name, at which point the customer hangs up.

These “horrors” reflect the importance of investing in the right telemarketing software so that your company does not stumble into having a negative or potentially detrimental reputation. With the proper telemarketing software in place, your business’ consumers will understand the importance of the calls your business is making, and agent productivity will increase accordingly.

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