How to Satisfy Customers with First Contact Resolution

For many companies, solving customers’ issues on the first try is a prime goal. However, first contact resolution, or FCR, requires more than just friendly agents. To assist a customer thoroughly without losing a human touch requires a combination of agent training, a robust omnichannel solution, and an efficient contact center protocol. Here are five ways to achieve first contact resolution for maximum customer satisfaction.

Discuss FCR goals with your staff.

To serve customers well, your agents need to know what goals are expected of them. Keep in mind that service does not work the same way on each channel. For example, an agent on the voice channel must constantly keep the conversation flowing to reassure the customer that he is present, whereas an agent on social media or live chat may indicate his presence using a real-time feature that shows he is typing a response. These nuances must be considered when agents are given customer service goals, and their training should reflect best practices for every channel.Also, be sure to establish whether first contact resolution should take priority over other metrics such as average handling time. Agents should know that they are permitted to spend more time on an interaction if it will help them find a permanent solution.

Give every interaction a human touch.

Connecting with customers emotionally is critical to helping them find quick solutions. Agents can do this by keeping a friendly tone, showing empathy, and listening attentively. Such mannerisms can calm down frustrated customers and instill confidence in your brand. Through regular training and mentoring, agents may sharpen their interpersonal skills and increase their chances of achieving first contact resolution every time.

Identify recurring issues.

Understanding ongoing customer concerns is a vital way to achieve FCR. Use different means to determine recurring reasons for contact: Look at customer surveys, monitor calls, analyze social media and live chat transcripts, and use text and speech analytics to gain a clear picture of these issues. Once they have been identified, your brand will be better prepared to solve problems before they arise.

Use an omnichannel approach.

While some customers may prefer to interact on a single channel, sometimes it’s in their best interest to make a switch. For example, if a customer asks a question on social media that requires sharing personal data, the agent should certainly move him to a more private channel. With such a gesture, the customer’s privacy is protected and his problem is addressed on an appropriate channel.

Verify the customer’s satisfaction.

An agent may think a problem has been solved. But does the customer feel this way? Always check with the customer to learn if he has any questions or concerns regarding an agent’s proposed solution. If there are still lingering issues and the customer needs more support, be sure to keep going until a truly satisfying solution is found.First contact resolution ultimately saves your customers time and sends the message that your brand takes them seriously. By supporting your agents consistently, you can ensure their success and the satisfaction of your customers. To deliver the very best customer experiences, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in AI-powered contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform.

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