How to Turn Prospects into Friends…and then Loyal Customers

Here’s a fairly simple question: what makes you want to be friends with someone? Is it his or her selfless attitude, how he or she silently sits and listens to your problems or how that individual has the uncanny ability to always give you incredible advice? A friend is someone who you feel attached to because you believe that the person is esteemed, hospitable and always there for you.

Today, the idea of friendship has been officially transported to a digital universe, where instead of asking for an address, we’re asking for Facebook usernames; instead of stopping by to say hello, we’re commenting on Facebook statuses; and as opposed to even picking up the phone, we’re Facebook chatting in real-time.

Now, why should this matter to you? Because there’s really no difference between these types of interactions and the ones you’re experiencing with your customers. This means you’ve got to start thinking of your customers like they’re your Facebook friends.

 Think about it. You’d probably be more willing to buy something from a friend as opposed to some random competing brand name. Similarly, research has proven that Facebook fans are almost 80 percent more likely to purchase from a company; however, over 70 percent of brands on Facebook don’t offer their customers deals through this platform.

This leaves a huge area of opportunity for you to connect with your customers, build genuine friendships and get them to invest in your brand on a long-term basis. For the call center, this translates to innovative, easy-to-use call center applications that support a hyper-connected facility with multi-channel integration, including mobile, Web, and of course, social media.

Your customers should be your friends and vice versa. Are you ready to establish friendships with each and every one of your customers, followers and Facebook fans? Now is certainly the time to start!

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