How to Use Customer Comments to Build a Successful Brand

Customers are always talking about the brands they know. From word of mouth to social media posts, their comments—good and bad—can have a meaningful impact on a brand’s success. But don’t let the negative words scare you—all kinds of comments are important to a company’s growth. The more insight gained into the mindset of one’s customers, the more opportunity for designing experiences that they will love. Here are four kinds of customer input that can be used to build a better, stronger brand.

Product reviews.

Before a customer buys from you, he will probably consult some kind of review. According to Big Commerce, 77% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase. While the prospect of featuring them on your website may be intimidating, do not shy away from it. Display product reviews prominently, and designate customer service agents to monitor them. For any negative comments, make sure an agent responds with an invitation to discuss further and find a solution. Potential customers will trust you more for featuring all kinds of honest commentary on your website and taking the time to solve any issues.

Social media comments.

When it comes to trusting recommendations, people listen to their inner circle. A Nielsen study once concluded that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from their family and friends more than advertising. When customers are talking about your brand on social platforms, pay close attention. Showing thanks when a customer posts a positive comment can please his friends as well. And if a customer is unhappy, addressing the issue immediately will also win you loyalty. Ambassador cites that 71% of customers who have had a good social media service interaction with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

Customer testimonials.

The most flattering comments of all are customer testimonials. When customers rave about your brand on social media sites, these advocates are known to win you more customers. Most notably, social influencers play a large role in driving brand success. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. Among younger customers, the numbers are truly astounding: 70% of teenagers trust influencers more than celebrities. Reach out to these brand advocates and invite them to test products on their favorite social channels.

Discussion forums.

Maintaining a list of frequently asked questions on your website is ideal for self-service. However, it’s also a great way to get your customers involved in discussion. In addition to keeping a frequently updated list, create a customer discussion forum beside it where people may post questions and respond to each other. For example, a customer may be able to share a method for solving a minor product problem that even your brand may not have considered. Assign agents as moderators of such a forum so that they may step in and add comments to help resolve the situation.When customers are talking about your brand, consider it a good thing. Positive comments may obviously win more loyal fans, but even negative comments are helpful. Criticism is simply an opportunity to reflect on your brand practices and devise ways to satisfy your customers long-term. To deliver the very best customer experiences, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in AI-powered contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform.

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