How Travel Agencies Can Leverage a Unified Digital Call Center

Travel agencies can either be a customer’s best friend or worst enemy. Snagging that last minute flight or booking hotel rooms for vacations can oftentimes be a stressful process. Because of this, it can unfortunately be associated as something that your customers just want to get done and over with. However, with the right solution, you can take your customers on a journey through your advanced, digital contact center before they take off on their own adventure.Similar to the above, customers perceive the contact center as being complex and inundated. This is because they still have the mental image of a traditional brick-and-mortar facility that has yet to implement disruptive and transformative solutions supporting a comprehensive customer experience.For example, perhaps the biggest frustration encountered when booking a trip is that there are so many options available. Between the multitude of airlines, flights and hotels available to get you to your final destination, it can be a pretty heavy undertaking without some help.If your contact center is making the most of unified communications (UC), however, your customers can directly engage with you and then share that engagement with their peers. Even better, a hosted call center solution places the maintenance and managing of your internal operations with your vendor, meaning you have more time for such things as intraday management and overseeing top priority matters.For instance, your agency’s mobile app can leverage existing customer recommendations to help prospects book the best travel experience. Even better, make your app accessible through different networks to engage your own employees. The only thing better than prospects seeing what your current customers recommend is seeing your own employees’ recommendations. This opens up communications to be more collaborative and productive and enables your customers to make quicker, more informed decisions.Ready to start your own journey? Click here to learn more about anything from transformative digital customer service to hosted call center solutions.

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