How Will WebRTC Impact The Web-Based Contact Center?

WebRTC has opened the floodgates of Web-based services and ushered in a new and transformative era of communications – one that brings with it an umpteen amount of possibilities. Allowing real-time communications (RTC) to be offered directly on the Web without the need for plug-ins or third-party software, WebRTC brings a slew of advantages and benefits to both users and developers. What kind of advantages, you ask? These can include increased ease-of-use, rapid connectivity and code simplicity, just to name a few – all which work to better share and stream video, audio and data directly in a Web browser.This technology is very clearly going to impact not only the state of the Internet, but Web-based contact center as well. The two essentially go hand in hand; a Web-based contact center already heavily integrated real-time communication services like instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, SMS and more. WebRTC only provides one more innovative way for agents to be readily available for customers, no matter which way they choose to contact them.WebRTC enables your agents to connect to customers with rich, high quality RTC applications developed in Web browsers via simple Javascript APIs and HTML5. Without plugins, that means your contact center can extend its reach more rapidly than ever before. Imagine a customer (let’s call her Mary) on the Web when a pop up appears asking if she would like to engage in live video chat with an agent. She is admittedly wary of participating for a number of reasons – connectivity problems, general hesitancy toward more modern approaches and getting pop ups for additional downloads – but with WebRTC, which is Web browser neutral, she can connect easily and efficiently.It doesn’t matter what Web browser your customers are on, as WebRTC works easily and efficiently across multiple platforms.How do you think WebRTC will impact the contact center industry? Sound off in the comments below or let us know by tweeting at @Vocalcom or commenting on Facebook.

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