IDC: ‘Cloud Represents One of the Fastest Growing Submarkets’

Technology is booming, and it is important that companies adapt to the ever-changing nature of business. This is not only important for companies to stay competitive in the eyes of the consumer, but also to future-proof their existing systems. As cloud technology is a massive submarket, it is important that businesses at least take a moment to consider how this technology could help them down the road. And this is exactly what many companies are doing, as evidenced by a recent research report by IDC.

The report found that the global cloud services market is currently valued at $9.6 billion, and it is expected to maintain a five year 24.8 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This all adds up to the cloud market being one of the largest and fastest-growing submarkets worldwide.

The fact that the market is exploding translates to the need for vendors to stay up-to-date with the technology that they are implementing to maintain a competitive edge. A study conducted by IDC – within the firm’s research report – further shows that while many companies are rising to the cloud, there are still certain aspects that need to be improved in order to attract customers.

IDC recommends that those investing in the cloud take a look at a few different metrics. These include looking at the potential vendor’s staff turnover and being knowledgeable about the details of alternative pricing schemes that cloud services utilize. As a firm that offers cloud services, IDC also mentions the importance of three metrics: having an employee strategy, a geographic strategy and an offering strategy.

Of course, this increase of the cloud also has a direct impact on the hosted call center. As it is directly supported by the cloud, the implementation of hosted technology offers expanding vendors and their customers a more powerful overall call center experience. Its utilization can greatly expand staffing requirements and, when implemented with cloud data strategies, can offer the same relevant information to each employee.

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