Identifying Superior Telemarketing Strategies

With the emergence and development of Internet marketing and social media, the once clever telemarketing strategies that have kept small and medium businesses afloat now seem to get lost within burgeoning 21st century marketing tactics. Telemarketing enables businesses to differentiate their brands and stay well ahead of the competition; however, to do this, it only makes sense to continually reinvent your strategies to keep your telemarketing tactics sharp and appealing. 

But polishing your telemarketing strategy is easier said than done. It is oftentimes extremely difficult to identify a superior telemarketing strategy. Allow us to help you get started:

Strategy One: Establish the right target market

As a telemarketer, you generally want to be dealing with two types of people: those who are existing customers who want and need your offerings, and those who don’t yet know they want and need your offerings.

Telemarketing software like Vocalcom’s can accurately predict when consumers will become available, enabling agents to pace dialing and optimally filter out unproductive calls. This leads to generating top quality leads, which in turn, empowers agents with the pertinent customer information they need to lock in sales. Our software weeds out numbers that are out of service or unlikely to generate a sale based on previous attempts or demographic information.

Strategy Two: Providing agents with efficient software

An agent can only do so much. Vocalcom’s telemarketing software enables agents to efficiently multitask and is designed to maximize productivity. In fact, it can increase productivity by up to 400 percent. Additionally, a unified desktop stocked with immediate access to customer information and additional data coupled with real-time campaign management allows our technology to drastically improve campaign tracking and monitoring productivity.

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