If Only Predictive Dialers Could Forecast Our Future

For longer than we care to admit, our culture has been fascinated with the prospect of the future. Interestingly, a very common thread in every single type of forecast – whether it’s referenced in pop culture or is a personal prediction – is technology. If anyone can correctly predict one aspect of the future, it would include the involvement of technological advancements. But unfortunately, history has shown that 99 percent of the time, our foresight is absurdly incorrect.However, call centers have long been embracing almost such a prophetic – and profitable – skill with the power of predictive dialing technology. Whether it’s foreseeing a blunt hang up or being able to gather informative answers before customers even ask a question, the predictive dialer has proven plenty advantageous for call centers.Predictive dialer technology has made serious progress over the decades. The leading-edge solution empowers organizations by allowing them to maximize talk time and improve efficiency by automatically filtering out dead-end calls, eliminating time-consuming guesswork and generating live contact lists. For example, Vocalcom’s predictive dialer’s proven ability to increase live contacts and sales profits by up to 300 percent guarantees a tangible return. Given its evolution thus far, the technology is sure to make even further advancements into enhancing business performance.Perhaps one day the predictive dialer will advance far enough to provide an accurate glimpse into the imminent future. Until then, we’ll gladly settle with the technology boosting business campaigns, strengthening customer engagement and satisfaction rates while augmenting sales.Secure your business’ future with Vocalcom’s leading-edge software – learn more by clicking here.

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