Improving Customer Relationships with Permission

As you organically build your permission database, you will discover that the best data is that which is given by the customers themselves. Particularly when it comes to how they use their smartphones and how they want to interact with brands through their smartphones, getting feedback directly from them can help drive the ideal relationship.

If you think ahead five, 10, even 15 years from now, the “smart” devices customers will be using may look nothing like the ones they use today. Some of the newest technologies currently out, such as “wearable” devices, point to where the technology is headed. It also means that your customers, less and less, will be reaching out to you from a fixed position such as a home or a desk. Rather, they will be increasingly connecting with your call center when they are mobile and, more often than not, from a different place every time.

This can be a benefit as you continue to capture permission signatures, because it will help you learn more about customers’ likes and interests. For instance, do they call you a lot from their favorite coffee shop? Perhaps a Starbucks promotion would help close a deal. Do they log onto the Internet from a library? They could be students. Knowing these details can help you craft a personal offer or allow your service rep to be more valuable to them.

As your customer behavior changes with technology, so too does your call center software. Looking ahead to 2014, we don’t yet know what nifty new capabilities smart devices will have or what entirely new devices will be launched. What we do know, however, is that whatever state-of-the-art capabilities your customers have in their hands, your call center software will also have access to, and your agents will be trained experts on.

With high tech always comes high touch; your call center software solution offers you the best of both, always to the benefit of the customer.

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