In-Store Connected Kiosks – Enhancing the Customer Experience One Store at a Time

Companies seeking to enhance the customer service experience and streamline business operations may have to look no further than their fingertips. Solutions like Vocalcom’s interactive, in-store connected kiosk system are paving the way for innovative customer service techniques and reinventing the wheel when it comes to cross-channel retailing.

The sleek, freestanding units are fit for an interactive Apple iPad tablet or large screen display. Customized to meet your corporate goals, the solution – made available via our advanced virtual call center software – allows customers to explore the brand in parallel fashion to a website. Compare products and prices, watch videos, contact remote sales teams or branch offices, video chat with sales representatives, use the SMS, print sales material on demand, make purchases, schedule deliveries and more in just seconds. Connect to your brand anytime, anywhere.

Brick-and-mortar retailers are picking up on these signals as in-store kiosk interaction invades the customer service space by the minute. In fact, one of today’s biggest retailers, Kohls, began implementing prototypes of in-store kiosks to help bolster sales in whatever channel the customer preferred, whether it be in-store or online.

By taking advantage of this type of innovative solution, you’re sure to drive sales and foster improved customer relationships – all at an affordable price point. The cross-channel retailing device even incorporates a social media component. Representatives can develop and access social customer profiles complete with purchase and browsing history, intelligent product recommendations, and virtual closet and wish list management. With a holistic view of the customer, sales teams can leverage the social edge to refine their service to meet individual needs and preferences.

So go ahead – the possibilities are only a touch away! Click here to learn more about this rapidly growing customer service trend.

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