In the World of Contact Centers, More May Not Be Merrier

We’ve all heard the saying, “the more the merrier.” In the world of the contact center, though, this phrase is often met with more than a little ambivalence. For example, the more customer loyalty you have, the better; however, the more systems your company operates on, the worse. That’s exactly what happened for one client of ours – teleservices provider Marketlink – who was operating on three different systems before taking a look at what Vocalcom could bring to the table.Marketlink is a Des Moines, Iowa-based provider of outsourced teleservices solutions boasting nearly 500 employees across seven Midwest call centers, including virtual agents across multiple states. Providing telemarketing solutions to clients across a variety of industries from cable television to telecom to financial to agriculture, Marketlink needed a more powerful platform to support its connected workforce and, of course, its array of reputable B2B and BSC companies across America. And that’s exactly where Vocalcom’s advanced virtual call center software came into play.A company that has over 500 dedicated telemarketing professionals – many being virtual agents working in various locations – speaking with everyone from farmers to doctors to business owners, the company simply couldn’t operate as efficiently as it would have liked across multiple regions with multiple systems.By implementing Vocalcom’s Hermes.net solution, Marketlink replaced its existing legacy system, which gave the company no room for further growth and enhancement. The company’s main reason for ultimately choosing Vocalcom can be summed up in one word: customizability.Because our system is software-driven and based on open architecture, users are able to become more nimble – from hardware to scripting, all changes can be made much more easily.“The implementation of the Vocalcom solution has allowed us to seamlessly integrate with our customer CRM and all of our remote call centers plus virtual agents,” explains Kourtney Keough, president and CEO at Marketlink. “It really has enhanced the services we can offer them to include, inbound, email, chat and as well as traditional outbound.”Ready to get explore Vocalcom’s suite of call center solutions? Click here to get started.

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