Industry Pundits Hopeful for Cloud Security Market as 2014 Draws Closer

Any developing and expanding market has peripheral aspects that are similarly poised to explode. When it comes to the development of cloud technology, the cloud security market is this peripheral. Cloud security has risen to become an extraordinarily necessary aspect as cloud computing becomes increasingly popular among businesses of every type. This growth has led industry experts to grow even more confident of the vital role cloud security will play in 2014.

In fact, by 2015, Gartner expects that the cloud security market will grow to as much as $3.1 billion – up from its already large $2.1 billion valuation. Ruggero Contu, research director at Gartner, believes this is due to the many opportunities of expansion available to the technology.

Adding to this ambitious outlook, Infonetics Research forecasts that despite potential stumbling blocks, the market will reach up to $9.2 billion.

This optimism is no doubt informed by the increasing adoption of the cloud by enterprises of all sizes for any number of purposes. Cloud storage has been adopted for its ease of use and its accessibility to a growing number of virtual workers, as well as the use of hosted cloud services for this very reason. Employers are now waking up to the competitive advantages of embracing a virtual workforce and, as a result, more workers than ever are choosing to do business at home. This, of course, increases the need for cloud security services. In fact, Australia leads this movement with 5.6 million employees working virtually.

What do you see happening in the next few years in cloud security? Do you agree with these industry analysts and their optimism regarding its continued growth? 

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