Innovating Customer Experience Through Twitter

Social customer service is a rapidly growing trend and sign of the times. Customers nowadays are eager to get quick answers on their favorite social media sites, sometimes on the go. While networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram provide excellent platforms for marketing and customer service, perhaps the most conversation-centric site demanding extra attention in the domain of customer service is Twitter.

Unlike the other sites, Twitter focuses on real-time conversation and in many ways mirrors traditional chat while giving companies the opportunity to market their products and services with its fast moving, highly public exchanges between people. For this reason, companies can make the most of this platform by using specific strategies that will deliver the best customer service possible.

Keep posts personal and personable. Whenever engaging in a Twitter exchange, agents should always introduce themselves and any other agents who may become involved in the case. It’s important to avoid automated messages as Twitter gives companies the chance to engage in conversation just as an agent might do over the phone; it’s an opportunity to make customers feel you care about their needs. Make the customer service interaction personal by addressing the customer by name as well, and of course keep the tone friendly as you would on any other channel.

Be timely. Unlike other social media sites, Twitter moves fast. If a customer addresses an agent, it’s critical to respond quickly and keep the conversation fluid. If other agents need to be involved to address a concern, make sure to keep them informed of the conversation so as to avoid making the customer repeat information. If a customer case begins to take much time or cannot be addressed appropriately with the 140-character limitation on Twitter, move the conversation offline to a channel of the customer’s choice.

Consider multiple Twitter accounts. Some companies have found it very useful to run multiple Twitter accounts for different departments or even different regions if they have a global presence. This allows greater focus on individual cases and ensures that customers are directed to the right place without wasting time. One simple strategy is to have a customer service Twitter account where customers can easily find the support they need.

Don’t forget that conversations are public. While private messages may be sent on Twitter, most exchanges occur publicly and therefore increase visibility of a brand. This could be positive or negative depending on how one looks at it. If a customer does not get a timely response and begins to complain, this could of course hurt a company’s reputation. However, with attentive customer service that’s well-timed, professional, and cheerful, companies may reap great benefits and gain strong customer loyalty. When a customer is satisfied, marking a tweet as “favorite” or retweeting the customer’s positive comments are excellent ways to promote a positive image of a brand.

Like all social media sites, Twitter bears great potential for optimizing customer service, attracting new customers, and gaining brand loyalty. However, its conversational nature and specific social features offer unique ways for companies to reach out to customers which, when done properly, can greatly enhance the customer engagement experience. Learn more about social customer service software solutions at www.vocalcom.com.

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