Inspire Valuable Customer Interactions with the Right Predictive Dialer

For many years, the general idea that prevailed in customer service and other industries was quantity over quality. The assumption was that as long as an interaction was taking place, then forward movement was being established.

Of course now, any skilled business manager knows this to be false; it’s not about how many interactions take place, but the actual quality of the interaction is what holds the most value. While the predicative dialer has shown to be especially effective in helping companies boost their interaction numbers, it also creates the kind of valuable and positive interaction that keeps customers coming back for more. Considering that only 23 percent of consumers say they have a relationship with a brand, this should definitely be a top priority.

In terms of fostering a valuable customer interaction, a predictive dialer is extremely useful because it helps connect agents with the customer directly. Roadblocks and time-wasters such as disconnected calls, fax and answering machines, busy signals and more are automatically removed. The fact that predictive dialing also enables return calls to be directed to the same agent who was speaking with the customer earlier helps create a more personalized experience, as well. Also, consider the fact that consumers are not as opposed to sharing personal information as you think. Ultimately, they desire a more personalized experience perhaps more than you.

A predictive dialer does more than extend the reach of contacts; it helps make every interaction a positive and memorable one by increasing the chances of having a real-time conversation. By doing so, customers feel attended to and taken care, which helps develop a much-needed, positive and valuable interaction. Improving the customer service and call center experience isn’t just about trying to speak with as many people as possible – it’s also about making every interaction count.

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