Investing Your Contact Center in the Web-based Customer Relationship

The current atmosphere of doing business – no matter what kind – is evolving. And, with the huge influx of organizations’ Web presences, this constant evolution is not so much a step that must be taken in order to thrive, but rather a continual slope that must be followed. Mobile devices are in fact a big part of this; however, mobility is believed by many to simply be a tool used by the customer and the business. When striving to connect more fully with clients, the primary concern is building and reinforcing the overall online customer relationship.

Don’t believe us? When recently polled by Forrester Research, customer experience professionals noted that their top three objectives in improving customer relationships all directly correlated with customer interactions via the Internet. In fact, the majority noted that they were striving to improve the online experience being delivered to customers. This was followed by improving a cross-channel experience (74 percent) and improving/adding mobile experiences (61 percent).

When it comes to the customer experience, 75 percent say that differentiation is their primary goal; they’re looking to pave their way in today’s market to truly stand out. This number alone shows the importance of the customer experience, that it is what sets companies apart and has become what companies wish to be known for. Because the majority of the customer experience hinges on the online and contact center experience, it is clear that this is where investments must be made.

By developing a purposefully constructed contact center roadmap that encourages a cross-channel experience (with an amazing online presence), your customers will have no choice but to be better served. Web chatting, e-mail and video chatting are just three options that combine these channels, all which work to better serve the customer in the space that he or she is becoming more and more reliant on.

Looking to learn more about how to build the best roadmap for your contact center? Click here to access Forrester’s whitepaper, “Build an Outside-In Contact Center Road Map,” in full.

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