Is Your Contact Center a Social Butterfly or a Wallflower?

Today, customers are pinning, “liking,” re-tweeting and more – all which are opportunities for the contact center to penetrate its clientele and secure sales. Salesforce.com Senior VP, Dave Kellogg, reports that social media adoption in the contact center is currently at an approximate 19 percent and is expected to grow about 23 percent in the next 12 months – more than any other technology. Even more, a recent Bain & Company Report shows that customers who engage with companies via social media spend 20 to 40 percent more money with them than other customers.

Needless to say, your contact center unquestionably needs to establish a strong social media presence.

If all of your customers were at a social gathering, they wouldn’t flock to the wallflower. Rather, they would be willing to invest their time, effort and interest in the social butterfly. Having a social life is a strong identifier of thought leadership, which generates customer interest and paves the way for strong, long-lasting relationships.

Implementing a hosted call center immediately ramps up your contact center’s social status, which comes fully equipped with advanced features and multi-channel integration including social media, mobile, Web chat, e-mail and more. Your customers want to engage with you outside of traditional voice because that’s where they’re investing their time. Social media is not just a contact center trend – it’s a vital asset of business operations that simply cannot be ignored.

Social media is an undeniable opportunity to boost customer contacts and engage prospects in real-time. When looking for a provider, seek those who offer digital customer service solutions like a social media management tool, which will enable you to keep a finger on the pulse of social media interaction and where your brand fits in.

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