Is Your Contact Center Evolving into a Relationship Center?

Everything evolves. It’s a simple fact of existing, and this is no different for businesses, customers or contact centers. In fact, one of the more important aspects of maintaining a successful business is to not just evolve, but to do so consciously and in tandem with clients (if not in a way that anticipates their evolution).

In a society where the Internet is in everyone’s pocket, the general customer base has become more self-reliant. Information is at the customer’s fingertips and customers know how to use this information better than ever before. It is absolutely vital that contact center managers identify and work to meet this growing shift in customer behavior, not to mention how this has changed the dynamic between them and their clients.

Today, call centers are more about assisting customers in utilizing the information that they have and fostering customer relationships. By facilitating this self-service and assisting the customer in helping him or herself, agents empower the client, giving them ownership over their role in the customer-company relationship.

All of this starts with the call center solutions that are currently at your disposal. You need a solution that will properly analyze interactions and track behavior, as you must be able to accurately predict and anticipate customer needs. By being proactive about the customer-company relationship, targeted service can be provided to customers in similar situations and metrics.

These same analytics and metrics apply to intelligently routing calls and client interactions, sending them to agents that are aptly suited to address them. This anticipatory action can then increase the quality of the customer experience, leading to both quicker and more efficient interactions. By increasing first-call resolution and decreasing call time, more calls can be addressed and the customer can get back to their busy day. At the end of the day, isn’t that what’s most important?

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