Is Your Contact Center Struggling with System Disparity?

Managers, administrators and execs are constantly on the lookout for the next best call center software; one that will unlock the secret to all of their communication and integration woes, one that will allow for flexibility in supporting multi-channel engagement and one that boasts practical applications for their disparate systems. However, it seems like there’s a rather widespread problem when it comes to managing the multi-channel contact center, evidenced by a recent Trends and Analysis Survey we conducted.The results show that:

  • 71 percent reported having separate desktop interfaces for each channel
  • 16 percent said they have one single interface that allows management and agents to handle channels seamlessly
  • 12 percent noted “other”

And when asked how easy it is for agents to switch between channels during peak times:

  • 41 percent of respondents say their agents are multi-skilled, but they have to log out of one system and log into another for multi-channel interaction
  • 25 percent said their agents are multi-skilled and their desktop interface allows them full, seamless channel transition
  • 22 percent said they have “specialist teams” for each channel, meaning no switching is required
  • 10 percent reported that they use a method not identified

A problem is clearly recognized in the fact that over 70 percent of agents have a separate desktop interface for each channel (and for over 40 percent of agents, this means having to log out of one system and into another to view different types of interaction). The majority of companies are struggling with system disparity, and this lack of visibility is affecting their ability to capture the full customer journey.Combating system disparity all starts with powerful call center software that is capable of easily yet efficiently unifying every type of communication channel. Is your contact center currently struggling with disparate systems? Click here to learn how Vocalcom can help.

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