Just How Many Customers Can You Lose Out on Without First Call Resolution?

Everyone in the business world knows that time is money, which is exactly why it’s essential to optimize your call center operations and initiatives – especially when it comes to first call resolution (FCR). FCR should be an integral part of your call center operations and objectives. Research has shown that just a one percent improvement in first call response can lead to $276,000 in annual operational savings for the average call center.

Why is it so important to try to make the first call such a successful one?

·         Research shows that more than half of all consumers are willing to spend more after a positive customer service experience – two-thirds of which share this sentiment with others.

·         When a positive customer service experience is created, only 3 percent of customers are at any risk of switching to a different competing company.

·         Conversely, if it takes two or more calls to resolve an issue, then 12 percent of customers will leave.

There can unfortunately be many factors inhibiting successful call center operations. One such factor – one that we’ve all fallen victim to at one point or another – is being excessively transferred from one representative to another. In fact, one in four customers have shared that they’ve been in this exact situation, with no resolution to their problem. This statistic is particularly alarming, as over 30 percent of customers who don’t receive a problem for their resolution will most likely switch to a competing brand.

The power of a strong FCR strategy cannot be underestimated; needless to say, its implications truly go beyond that singular interaction. How does your FCR approach currently look?

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